Male wife

This blog is about my daily life as Debbie, a
submissive male-housewife completely dominated by her beautiful female wife Sandra, and about our life-style which could only be referred to as "alternative". As you may already suppose, traditional gender roles are out of the question in our marriage. But we've gone far beyond a simple role-exchange agreement so common in couples nowadays: I have been slowly but progressively feminized by my wife over the years up to the point where I look like something like her androgynous alter-ego. I've made a sketch of myself just the way I looked before leaving to the market this morning so that you can make yourself an idea of what I mean:

In fact, Sandra dictates the way I am to dress each day and selects each outfit I am to wear. I have no saying when it comes to my clothing. Actually, my guardrobe replicates her's in almost every aspect, down to the underwear, so that whenever we go out, seen from a distance, we probably look more like two sisters than husband and wife. If you get closer, though, you'll notice my well-trimmed tiny beard. She instist that I keep it as a trace of my waning virility, so that people realize that I'm not really a female, or a crossdresser attempting to "pass" as a woman, but a male, a submissive feminized male subjected to the whims of her mistress.

Today, I was wearing denim skirts and those gorgeous cork-soled clogs Sandra bought for me at the art-fair last Spring.

Sandy believes that skirts and high heels, restricting in movement and at times painful to wear, have been symbols of masculine opression over females along the centuries, so now, as a token of her own emancipation, she is inflicting them upon me. And by now I love them! Apart from hobble skirts and other garments that shorten your stride, I've concluded that skirts are way more confortable to wear that pants. Now that I've worn them for several years, I don't understand why aren't they normal items for guys to wear (like fustnellas or kilts, if cross-dressing is not your thing).

I own, or, should I say, Sandra owns for me very few trousers. And those I've got are overtly feminine: all my jeans are embroidered with flower patterns. As for high-heels, I've discovered that I'm a shoe lover and can't have enough of them! The ones I love the most are clog like shoes, with a slip-in open back. Maybe because they showed up in those early difficult stages of our relationship.

If I had published this blog several years ago, it would have been a call for help. I would have been yearning for someone out there to take me out of the nightmare I was living through, with that crazy, maniac, domineering wife of mine. Not any more. As years went by, I ended up yielding to her in every way, or I should rather say, forced to give in by circumstances and by her stronger will power. I'm so glad I did... It was for the best. Today my life resembles a happy dream from which I wouldn't like to be awaken, ever.

Now that she's the income provider, and that I don't need to have a pay-job any more, I have finally been able to foster my long neglected talents, and I've started to paint again (I'll probably be posting some of my pictures here). And new stimulating interests have replaced the old silly ones. I can't even imagine how could I have ever been interested in sports, for example. What can be more silly than that, a bunch of guys throwing a ball from one place to the other? I'm into fashion now: not only do I enjoy shopping around with Sandra, but I'm taking sewing and dress-making lessons.

How did I get to this point? How did I become Debbie? How and why did I end up being Sandy's wife in stead of her husband? How does it feel for a male to stay home cooking, cleaning and doing house-work all day? To wear high-heels and skirts in public? What are people's reactions to that?

Tough questions for me, as I certainly don't know all the answers, and since the path that has taken us here has been a hard one. Anyways, I'll be posting my story whenever I have some time out of my slave-chores, as well as some snippets of my daily life experiences and also a reflection once in a while because house-wives can also think, you know?

My account will probably be a bit bizarre for some, you better be aware, but I also know many of you will certainly enjoy it. Most of you are probably already laughing at me as you read these lines, while some of you on the contrary overtly or secretly envy my lot. Whatever be the case, you are welcome to read on, and return frequently checking up for new postings and updates!


Wendy said...

Hi I just started turning my husband into a submissive obedient wife and I would love to chat with yours please have her email me at wendykagy@yahoo.com


Debbie said...

Dear Wendy: I'm so pleased you commented on my blog entry! And so soon! That was my first posting just some few hours ago and I have very little experience with computers (this is the first time I publish a blog)
Your husband is a lucky fellow indeed, I wish you both the best. At what stage of his (her) training are you already?

Debbie L

joe said...


Thanks so much for your email and for the link to your blog. I did very much enjoy reading it and found it quite interesting and insightful. The thing that I find quite wonderful about submission is the way that each unique individual finds it meaningful in expressing that part of his or her nature. You seem to find your lifesyle choice very meaningful and I am always pleased to learn that someone fashions for themself contentment in life. I have the greatest respect for you that you are willing and able to embrace feminization as a part of your submissive experience not only at home but in public as well as I think that requires great courage and strength of conviction. I have bookmarked your blog and will look forward to reading more of your posts.


fd said...

we have so much in common (with the exception of cross dressing, that is). i hope that you will describe a typical day in your life.


Sorry if some of you out there will feel disappointed, but our names are not really Sandra and Debbie, and I can't claim the stories in my postings to be fact, but fiction. They are all true stories, though, in the sense that they are, without exception, based in my real-life experiences, only that narrated in a free style, leaving wide space to fantasy and told in a way that, hopefully, will be more attractive to the D/s community than just the plain facts.

My current life, though is practically identical to that of my alter ego, Debbie. I do most of the housework at home, and I do wear skirts and high heels in public. In fact, all my garments come from the "ladies" section of the store. I appreciate your comments, and will particularily be grateful for any corrections, since my first language is not English, as you might have noticed.

If you want other details of the "real-life" Sandra and Debbie, feel free to send me an e-mail! debbiewife@gmail.com